Headed up by childhood friends Jenna and Charity, Meadow Drive hails from Calgary, Alberta. Due to their vast range of musical influences, the band's distinct sound is a direct result of the unique playing style of each member, rather than their alignment with any particular genre. The band's jazz roots are apparent in the harmonic structure of the songs and melodic importance of the bass, while their love of funk and disco often shines through with crisp, clean guitar riffs and syncopated grooves. Smooth, yet powerful vocals bring even their rock influenced repertoire under the umbrella of the sound they call their own. 


In February 2021, they released their first single Hold Up! which has since garnered over a thousand views on YouTube. They followed up with their debut EP The Art of Misinterpretation and most recently have released a cover of Iron Man by Black Sabbath recorded live off the floor at OCL Studios.